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I kept a record of my first-hand experiences in the exciting young semiconductor industry.

It is amazing how little we know about the key players and brilliant minds of the remarkable pioneers of the Semiconductor Revolution. Without them there would be no computer and in turn no human genome, satellite communication, space exploration, a plethora of inventions with multi billion pound industries and of course the most significant – the Internet.

But as I watched the amazing development of the transistor and the ubiquitous ‘silicon chip’ which has revolutionised our world, I began to link these extraordinary envisionary achievements with the human brain. Regular journeys past Silbury Hill prompted me to consider where our remarkable knowledge came from and so began an investigation into the enigmatic Silbury Hill in relation to our early anthropology and astonishing evolution.

Why does the establishment want us to believe that Silbury Hill is nothing more than a chalk mound when they know there is much more to this ancient structure?

Why are we so clever compared to our nearest relative the African Chimpanzee? Could a chimpanzee, who shares 98.4% of our genetic make-up, in the next 10,000 years be able to design, build and drive a car? I think this is very possible but only with some help from us!

Were the seeds of humanity the result of some extra-terrestrial experimentation with our Homo sapiens ancestors in our ancient past? Were we helped to inadvertently create the ‘Planet of the Homo sapiens” when an ancient civilisation founded by extra-terrestrials was devastated through some major global catastrophe around 10,500 years ago?

At present, our understanding of humanity is determined by Creationism, roughly equivalent to the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis. Creationism requires blind faith and various religions/faiths evolved from this biblical source.

Then came Jesus, the son of God one of a long ideal snacks list of son of God. Then someone had the brilliant idea of heaven and hell. This made the Church extremely wealthy and powerful, through the idea of absolution, confession and use of the Inquisition which lasted over 600 years and we are still feeling its influence today!!

Science was ever present but the time was right in 1859 for Darwin to publish his ideas on evolution further shaped our ideas on Humanity through Darwinism.

Then came the idea of Intelligent Design to combat the rising scientific arguments. Basicallyit supports Creationism and is presented as science, and shares other arguments with creationism but avoids literalBiblical references to such things as the Flood from the Book of Genesisor using Bible verses to age the Earth.